Fairer Future

Polaroid pictures of seven diverse folks are in two horizontal lines next to the statement: We support liveable incomes for all, on a bright yellow background with koru designs on it.

We all want to live in happy, thriving communities where everyone has what they need to build their best lives. Where homes are filled with the warmth of friends and family sitting down to share a meal. Where everyone has opportunities to explore their talents and fully participate in the community.

But all too often this isn't the case. For decades politicians of all stripes have neglected key public services - like public housing and income support - that help low income families build the lives they want to lead. Strapped with low wages, insecure work and high rents, more and more of our whānau are being pushed into poverty.

That neglect ends here. Across Aotearoa people are taking action to build a future we can all be proud of. Where everyone - whether they're in paid work or not, disabled, volunteering, learning, caring for children or other whānau members - has a liveable income.

Those actions are making waves. A recent poll showed 7 in 10 people in Aotearoa agree - the government needs to increase income support rates so no one is locked in poverty.

Creating healthier, happier communities requires many people working in many different ways. It means each of us doing what we can with the unique energy, insights and opportunities we have.

For some of us it might mean talking with your MP or writing to your local paper. For others it might be showing your support online or talking to people in your community. Each and every action builds power and momentum for the vision we hold for our communities.

Whatever you choose to do to support the movement for an Aotearoa where everyone has what they need to thrive: thank you.